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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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Sunday 3rd February

We arrived in Hong Kong in the morning, both feeling tired and grumpy after an overnight bus from Yangshuo to Shenzhen. We then queued for hours to get through immigration, compounded by Chinese tourists going to Hong Kong to do shopping pre Chinese New Year. We took a couple of buses to our hostel and by this point it was lunchtime but our room wasn't ready so we went in search of some lunch, looking for a famous dim sum restaurant but turns out it had moved at the end of January - very frustrating! Post lunch, we went for a much needed nap but a rock band practicing above our room prevented Alice from getting much sleep. After said nap, we tried to find the new location of the dim sum restaurant which we successfully found but it wasn't going to open until a few days which was a bit frustrating. After me getting us lost - I thought I was following Alice, she thought I knew where I was going... We headed towards Kowloon where we admired the harbour views and stayed to watch the light and music show using the buildings on the harbour side.


Monday 4th February

We started the day by walking towards the harbour where we decided to take a bus to Stanley, a small town on the south of Hong Kong island. It was cloudy so we hoped it would clear up by the afternoon when we would go up the Peak for views of the skyline. It took the best part of an hour to get to Stanley and it was a nice way to relax and see the city. There, we visited the market (which was disappointing and full of tour groups) and were interviewed by P6 kids who were doing a project on the town and practising their English.


After countless interviews of the same questions we did our best to avoid more! We took an express bus back and then hunted for another branch Tim Ho Wan, the restaurant we had tried to find yesterday - its famous for being the cheapest Michelin star restaurant. The branch we chose was in the financial district which very much reminded me of the mall under Canary Wharf. I also finally understood what Alice meant when she said she felt underdressed / odd one out in Canary Wharf without a suit / shirt and tie! After lunch we took the bus up the Peak. The views were great but it was a shame it was still a bit cloudy. We walked down the very steep hill, next to the mid levels escalators (Alice was annoyed we weren't going up!). After visiting an old market, we took the ferry across the harbour and then walked home looking to find the cheapest restaurant we could as we were on a very tight budget by this point!


Hong Kong didn't live up to our expectations. Although it was a nice city we expected it to be more exciting which I'm sure it could be if you were willing to spend $$$. The pace of the pedestrians and lack of space on the pavements also really frustrated me!

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